High on paint

It’s not all fairies and unicorns here. Sometimes we struggle with our different opinions. My boy won’t let me cut things out and stick them to a piece of spare plywood. He is angered by my desire to use larger brushes and alarmed by a preschool teacher’s suggestion that he “bounce” a paintbrush on some paper. “No,” he tells her. “You paint with a brush. You do not bounce it.”

Which is funny because two days later he agrees that to make dots, you do indeed bounce your acrylic paint pen on the canvas.

But there are highlights like this:

“That was a good time to get them out [the brush and bottle of paint] because I couldn’t figure out how to do it! You had a really good idea.”

I love the way he just knows that I’m waiting for my performance review :)

On working with acrylic paint pens:

“SQUISHBLIB is a very fun word.”
“Don’t you mean squish the nib?”
“Squish the nib.Yeah.”

My boy has also learned that art supplies are not infinite. Very concerned about when we are “low on metallic paint,” he has – in his four year old wisdom – also been thrilled to discover that we have not one but three bottles of black acrylic paint. This led to his charming announcement earlier today that we were “high on paint.” It made perfect, logical sense. I couldn’t bear to contradict him.

“I’m doing really good this time.”
“They say I’m not an artist but actually I am.”
“I used to think that slow was better than fast, but now I think fast is better than slow.”

Things I try not to say, part one:

  • But that’s finished! Don’t touch it!
  • Can’t you use some more colours?  (he takes the Henry Ford approach these days – any colour as long as it’s metallic)
  • What do you mean, you did it better than me? (I see a competitive spirit emerging!)
  • That’s my picture. You cannot paint on it.
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  1. Linda Mullin says:

    It is amazing how much we learn from our children.

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