About the Art

I started work on collages after spending many hours drawing and cutting out pictures for our two year old, Joel. He was very specific about what I should draw, and when I should cut. Here are the results:

And here’s a class on work vehicles, taught by a three year-old (to his nine-month old brother!):


Says this boy’s mama, “it had to be directly across from his bed so he could see it when he goes to bed, and when he wakes up.”

Since making “Diggers,” I have had many conversations with parents and children about what matters to them. And having watched Joel’s interactions with his own poster, I know how educational the right kind of art can be.

Here’s what happened when one young fellow met his new art on September 2, 2014:


His mother told me, “He pointed at each one and I had to take it out again for him to have another look! Great for language development: we had to say what each vehicle was, of course!”


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