Best Friends Forever


Best Friends Forever: A World War II Scrapbook was published in April 2010. It was my first opportunity to collaborate with another author, as I was providing the illustrations. I drew and painted the work of Dottie, a Japanese American girl interned with her family during World War II. It was a tremendous experience. I learned a lot about the history of the period and was fascinated by the contemporary photographs I found online. They were a great help in keeping the drawings accurate, especially when it came to the camp layout.



  •  Spring 2010 Great Lakes, Great Reads pick
  • “This heartwarming tale of steadfast friendship makes a wonderful access point for learning more about World War II and Japanese internment.”
–School Library Journal, Starred Review
  • “Because this novel is written in the form of letters, artwork, and clippings for a scrapbook, readers will be in for a real treat with what feels like a firsthand perspective. Issues such as what does an American look like, racism, poverty, and more are encountered by these two best friends feeling their way through a complicated time.”
  •  “Their account of wartime terror is made more poignant by their resolution to make their lives beautiful and meaningful. The faux-diary format is sure to appeal.”
  • “Setting the intense personal story of friends and enemies against the big World War II events is a great way to tell the history.”
  • “The fascinating and clever diary/scrapbook format executed so skillfully by Shula Klinger lends a sense of period authenticity that mirrors the authenticity of Bev Patt’s well-developed cast of characters. What a treat! ” – Mock Newbery Blog Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana


One reader writes:

Great read. I cared so much about Louise and Dottie. There was a perfect mix of information and wondering that clearly depicted the plight of this friendship. The tone and actions and dialog was very true to the time period… And illustrations were amazing!
Mary Sandford – Published on

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