Reader Responses

“Some kids at school only read the super popular books and never looks at that little shelf in the back. I LIVE on that little shelf in the back. This book is an inspiration.”
Alyssa, Virginia (USA)

“This book is soooo real! I’m a lot like Thisbe and Iphis. I want to be a writer too, and there aren’t many books out there about kid writers. Thank you so much for writing this book!!!!!!” Abbie (USA)

“The Kingdom of Strange is one of the most funny and inspiring books I’ve ever read. I want to be an author professionally when I’m older, and books like this just reinforce that in my mind. I can’t wait to read other books of yours!” Emily (USA)

“Your book is impossible to put down and captivating to the heart.” Leah, Ohio (USA)

“It was brilliant! So brilliant that it made me feel intelligent reading it.” Laura, British Columbia (Canada)

I loved it! You had me reading your book till 12am Monday night with my flashlight. It was so captivating and original, i just couldn’t seem to put it down ( my teacher even threatened to confiscate the book if i didn’t stop reading it in class ).”
Genevieve, Ontario (Canada)

“It is wonderful, wonderful work. You capture her so well.”
— Greg, Secondary School English Teacher, BC

“Are you Thisbe?” — Destiny (USA)